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Welcoming statements

Horst Seehofer,

Horst Seehofer
Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community

Dear visitors,

As the Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community I am pleased to serve as the patron of the INTERGEO in Stuttgart again this year with its longstanding motto “Knowledge and Action for Planet Earth”. INTERGEO is the world's largest convention and leading trade fair in the field of geodesy, geo-information and land management, and can look back on a quarter-century of success as the place to present ground-breaking innovations and forward-looking technologies.

This year’s INTERGEO focuses on issues which will decide our futures, issues which are the subject of debate by politicians, society and businesses alike: How can we ensure quality of life in urban and rural areas for the long term? How should we use the space available to ensure that there is sufficient supply of housing and a transport infrastructure that meets today's needs? Spatial data are essential to provide answers to these questions.

A special focus of this year’s INTERGEO is on the spread of digital technology in mobility and construction, for instance in Smart Cities, surveying, laser scanning, Building Information Modelling (BIM), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and Virtual and Augmented Reality.

I wish INTERGEO much success again this year and hope that all who attend will be inspired by new insights and stimulating discussions.

Horst Seehofer,
Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community


Fritz Kuhn Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart Der Oberbürgermeister

Fritz Kuhn
State Capital Stuttgart
The Lord Mayor

Welcome to Stuttgart, our state capital and the beating heart of a metropolitan region bursting with constant activity and inventiveness, hi-tech, innovation and science. At the same time, it’s a city of culture that people fall in love with and enjoy living in, especially thanks to its attractive location between forest and vineyards and its unique topography.

Playing host as it does to two world-famous car companies and a whole range of equally well-known supply companies, Stuttgart benefits in no small measure from the work of geodesists. Ever since the dawn of motoring, the automotive industry has been a vital part of life here. These days, transportation has branched out into alternative concepts such as electric mobility, carsharing and autonomous driving – none of which would be conceivable without a functioning state-of-the-art geodata infrastructure.

Geoinformation systems have now become highly complex and are in ever greater demand among the business community, public authorities and wider population. With its diverse scientific landscape, highly qualified staff, and the innovative strength that comes from interdisciplinary collaboration, Stuttgart provides the perfect base for sustainable innovations in the field of geodata. These assets equip our city perfectly to handle society’s accelerating transformation as it advances into the digital era.

As patron, I have fond memories of INTERGEO® 2015 in Stuttgart and look forward to welcoming you here once again at INTERGEO® 2019. I hope you all find fresh inspiration for your work, which is so important to us all.

Fritz Kuhn,
State Capital Stuttgart
The Lord Mayor


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hansjörg Kutterer, DVW-Präsident

Prof. Hansjörg Kutterer,
DVW President

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Weisensee, DGfK-Präsident

Prof. Manfred Weisensee,
DGfK President


Dear Sir/Madam and fellow members of the industry!

We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to INTERGEO and the German Cartographers’ Conference in Stuttgart. Don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to immerse yourself in the geo-community!

Digitalisation has become an intrinsic part of our professional and everyday lives. Geoinformation forms the basis for a whole range of different applications, including smart cities and building information modelling. Where would mobility be without maps? And where would maps be without open data? What about social progress without geodata? Inconceivable! Geoinformation creates significant added value. It forms the foundation for our digital society and is thus becoming the currency of the future. But what does that future look like? Will end-to-end open data mean open access for all to COPERNICUS data? Current developments are incredibly exciting. And our industry is not just affected by these developments, we are actively shaping them!

INTERGEO and the German Cartography Conference will be addressing these burning issues in the conference. Come and gain fresh inspiration from the interesting presentations, creative discussion forums and the developments driven forward by our exhibitors. You will go home with new ideas that you can turn into positive momentum in your own work. The same applies to the lasting impressions you will get from the trade fair, because you will find more than simply products, services and solutions on show – above all, INTERGEO is about innovative ideas for our future.

So why not visit INTERGEO and the German Cartographers’ Conference in Stuttgart? Come and talk to us.

Prof. Hansjörg Kutterer, DVW President

Prof. Manfred Weisensee, DGfK President


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