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Press releases about INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS

  • 05/06/2019  Drones over German cities – science fiction or future market?

    Berlin/Karlsruhe, 05 June 2019. Against the backdrop of the German Federal Government’s funding programme for drones and air taxis, together with the unveiling of the CityAirbus in Ingolstadt in March, industry experts recently gathered in Berlin for a Round Table meeting. At the invitation of Europe’s largest drones trade fair, INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO (17–19 September 2019 in Stuttgart), they discussed whether drones are being deployed successfully and cost-effectively anywhere yet in Germany, or whether vision and reality are still miles apart?

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  • 11/03/2019  Future market – specialised drone-assisted sector services

    Sensors and special cameras increasingly important / Sector insiders report growing demand for drone-based laser scanning / INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS at INTERGEO provides full overview of the sector from 17 to 19 September 2019 in Stuttgart

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    WINGCOPTER GmbH wins with “Deliver Future” project | FAIRFLEET from Munich named most innovative startup

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  • 16/08/2018  INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO – Europe’s leading commercial and civil drones trade fair

    INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS (IASEXPO) is part of INTERGEO, the world’s largest conference trade fair for the geoinformation sector, and it is the biggest civilian trade fair dedicated to the commercial use of drones. More than 170 international companies from the sector will be exhibiting in Frankfurt from 16 to 18 October, while more than 100 presentations in the forums will provide plenty of inspiration for putting drones to good use. The judging panel for the Drone Pioneer Award 2018 will also single out visionary drone applications.

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  • 08/06/2018  The first EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT on 15 October 2018 in Frankfurt: Prestigious conference is bringing together European industry and drone technology for the first time | registration is now open

    Frankfurt/Braunschweig/Karlsruhe, 8 June 2018. While air taxis and pizza delivery drones make eye-catching headlines, behind the scenes drones have steadily become part and parcel of everyday modern society. More than your average new smart technology, they form a fundamental building block for digitalising the economy. In civil use, drones have long been used to perform tasks at locations that are too dangerous, troublesome or hard to reach for humans. Particularly with regard to digitalisation, drones provide an important platform as an intelligent tool for the economy and industry – with a great and as yet virtually incalculable potential. “Customers have plenty of uses for high-quality products in the film and construction industries, emergency services, agriculture, inspections, natural protection and lots of other areas,” adds Martin Brandenburg, Managing Director of DJI Germany.

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