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Future market – specialised drone-assisted sector services

Sensors and special cameras increasingly important / Sector insiders report growing demand for drone-based laser scanning / INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS at INTERGEO provides full overview of the sector from 17 to 19 September 2019 in Stuttgart


Stuttgart/Karlsruhe, 11 March 2019 | The use of UAVs is still hovering at the start of soaring development. At the sixth instalment of Europe’s leading commercial drones trade fair “INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS – part of INTERGEO (IAS)” in Stuttgart from 17 to 19 September 2019, the UAV sector is still largely represented by start-ups, despite a leap in professionalisation. Besides the global market leader DJI and other established drone suppliers, the organisers of the event are expecting exhibitors to showcase new business models, particularly in the field of special applications, such as infrastructure inspections and surveying with drones. “The proof of concept is currently most clearly evident in the construction sector. Particularly there, but also in surveying, UAV applications are now highly sophisticated and are becoming increasingly firmly established,” says UAV expert Lelia Miklós from CopterCloud GmbH.

Right now, technological innovations are focusing primarily on integrating state-of-the-art sensors and fully developed special cameras. According to RIEGL, a leading player in the sector and an IAS partner from early on, the demand for drone-based laser scanning is very much on the way up.
In the sphere of urban planning, too, drones now perform clearly defined tasks, such as 3D surveying to efficiently identify the building gaps so crucial to compact construction of housing that saves valuable space.

As part of INTERGEO this September, all three days of IAS will address hot topics, showcase innovative solutions for drone applications, and host discussions in various formats. Specific drone applications will interlink clearly with the topic of smart cities, above all, with an extensive conference programme and series of presentations focusing on this interface during the trade fair.

Eight current UAV trends

  1. UAV applications in construction and surveying are now extremely sophisticated, functioning with a high degree of automation
  2. Increasingly permeating inspection activities (above all buildings and infrastructures)
  3. Market for specialised sectoral service providers holds huge potential
  4. High innovation rate in use of sensors and special cameras
  5. Growing demand for drone-assisted laser scanning
  6. Number of small-scale projects in environmental/nature protection and urban planning is increasing
  7. Continuing lack of standards (e.g. bridge inspections) is hampering market developments
  8. Still no pan-EU legislation

Some 300 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors from Europe, North America and Asia are expected to attend IAS as part of INTERGEO. Leading suppliers will be offering live demonstrations on all three days in the Flight Zone.

The integrated EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT (EDS) on 18/19 September 2019 is Europe’s most important drone conference.


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