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Simplified urban planning thanks to 3D visualisation

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – why should you still settle for simple sketches if you can now make use of digital 3D visualisation to place models in their real-life environment, implement them on a virtual basis and explore them up-close from every angle?

This technology is particularly useful for those who are involved in planning processes but are not trained experts in urban planning, architecture or geodata. Using 3D city models and digital twins speeds up the development of modern-day cities (especially smart cities), which makes it easier to secure acceptance for construction projects from all stakeholders.

Simplified urban planning thanks to 3D visualisation

Ralf Mosler, head of BIM transformation at the software company Autodesk
Both the depiction and the combination of different data from various sources that is key for urban planning and public administration are integrated and easy to use. Nowadays, it is possible to forge links to BIM applications, too. Ralf Mosler, head of BIM transformation at the software company Autodesk, believes linking existing data in the planning process offers major added value. By breaking open data silos and converting them into intelligent, usable data that is made available on a platform, all project participants can access the relevant information.

Smart Cities: Geodata provides the basis- Prof. Thomas H. Kolbe (English Subtitles)
Professor Thomas H. Kolbe from the Technical University of Munich sees real added value in potential “what-if scenarios”, which are used, among other things, to renovate the energy infrastructure in urban districts and plan the future supply of energy in residential areas. Both the underlying technologies and a broad range of certified data are at our disposal. There is, however, work to be done with regard to digitalisation and the necessary mindset for the planning processes involved.

At INTERGEO 2020, set to take place from 13 to 15 October in Berlin, high-profile speakers and innovative industrial companies will be training the spotlight on 3D city models, smart cities and BIM at the CONFERENCE, EXPO and on the STAGES.

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