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Drone Pioneer Award

Award Ceremony of first DRONE PIONEER AWARD

We are happy to announce the first Drone Pioneer Award Winner in 2017 'ECOSwat', who react on climate change and grant water access in the most driest areas through space detection technology.

Other finalists were Bathy Copter by RIEGL and the Elephant Survival Organisation. 

Thanks to all participants and partners for this important evening and making this a 'put social impact first' tech-event. 



The DRONE PIONEER AWARD focuses on the story behind the technology.

Drone Pioneer Award

In 2017, INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO awarded drone applications related to major social problems for the first time. The award is also meant to ignite public debate about new opportunities - both nationally and internationally. 

The initiators of the DRONE PIONEER AWARD are Michael Wieland (CopterView) and INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS.


Partner of Drone Pioneer Award

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