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Shape the technology of the future now!

INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS is one of the most important industry gatherings in Europe. 

UAS are already being used with considerable success in many sectors – our exhibitors will reveal just where and how.

Whether fixed-wing, multi-rotor drones or hybrid systems, INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS gives you the relevant overview. International UAS manufacturers will be on hand alongside hardware / software / accessories suppliers and service providers.


INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS highlights the wide range of monitoring, inspection and documentation applications that already exist and provides a glimpse of future markets – for example to meet the requirements of the energy industry / renewable energies, buildings management and energy analyses or to serve the needs of the emergency services and disaster prevention. The value creation chain is expanded with practical accessories, services and the launch of new services on the market (e.g. drone-as-a-service).


NEW in 2017: INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS SUPPLIER ZONE for supplier for drone manufacturer. Manufacturers of drone parts, battery systems, navigation systems or engines will meet drone developers and ingineers.


Range of exhibitors

Manufacturers, dealers and service providers from the following fields:

  • Suppliers of UAS hardware
  • UAV manufacturers
  • Remote sensing hardware
  • UAS accessories
  • Evaluation software/photogrammetry
  • UAS services
  • Technology & services for data utilisation
  • Education & training
  • Service providers & dealers
  • Insurance & consultancy
  • Publishers & associations
  • Authorities

Target sectors

  • Energy supply, water management, disposal
  • Real estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Environment and nature protection
  • Film and photography
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Surveying and cartography
  • Logistics
  • Industrial installations
  • Disaster prevention & safety
  • Building design and management
  • Geology and mining
  • Institutes and research companies